Saturday, August 4, 2018

August 2018 Theme: "The Mirror Brings..." by Rory Andes

Share your most powerful messages...

John Legend has a song titled "If You're Out There" and the opening lyrics contain one of my favorite quotes, "The future started yesterday, so we're already late." I wrote this quote on a whiteboard I used to have in my home long before prison, when I was going through some extremely challenging times. I read this every morning for weeks and before long, I was working my ass off to catch up to the life of happiness that was eluding me. Truthfully, it worked. I was catching up to the future I wanted.

The whiteboard became a standard from then on. This idea became such a strong force in my life that I kept a dry erase marker in my bathroom. I would write something powerful for either myself or my kids every morning on the mirror. If we saw something amazing as soon as we went to start every day, we could be fueled with powerful messages to conquer the world. One of my favorites was simple... "U R" on the top of the mirror, "Special" on the bottom of the mirror. Simple, written with love, affirming and framing the faces of the most wonderful people in my life.

"Your hair is a mess. Be glad you still have some," was one I wrote to myself. Gratitude. A simple reminder to not gripe or bitch about the things I can fix and be thankful for what I have. "Today your actions can change the world," was one for my kids. "I'm Beautiful Because I'm Me," was another written as a frame for their faces. Years later, I even got a hold of a dry erase marker at my prison job and wrote one at the hand washing sink mirror. "I'm a better person now." It received funny reviews, but all positive. Its true for so many here.

So, I want to challenge you, the reader, to get yourself a dry erase marker (Hell, get a multicolored kit. Be creative!) and write something to yourself or your loved ones in your mirror and make it heartfelt. But you can't stop there. I want you to share it with the crowd, here. Send or comment your most amazing, moving, enlightening, soothing, brilliant words that you would put on your mirror. Something so that the face in the reflection believes in the message and the magic at your hands. Share it with us, so we can experience your most powerful, simple messages and help change someone's future. I'll help make sure your words land on reflections everywhere. And start now... we're already late.

Rory Andes

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