Sunday, December 31, 2017

Public Whipping Versus Long Term Confinement

Before I came to prison I thought of prison as corrective. Everyone knows prison is violent and dehumanizing. Yet, it doesn't deter crime. Either the public is being lied to about rehabilitation or the public has a desensitization to incarcerated lives.

By public punishment I mean public whippings. By long term confinement I mean prison cells for long periods as in half a decade or more. However, confinement is also qualified as mental institutions and group homes, to name a few.

I've often thought of deterrence based principles, what it means and what it might look like. What if I could have chosen 20 lashes with a bullwhip on live TV for the whole world to watch while my crimes are displayed in shame.

Funny how that's inhumane, even though I would have chosen that instead. What's inhumane is that someone would have to watch. The inhumane part, in this context, is not the whipping or brutality of long term rigid confinement, its having to watch it. Comparatively speaking about incarceration versus whipping as punishment, deterrence, and victim retribution then incarceration lasts for years, costs $30,000/yearly national average and still produces a 67% ineffectiveness. 

This conversation needs to be had. Not because I'm a proponent of public beatings but because the system is inhumane. Because I am not in your line of sight I am allowed to be inhumanely incarcerated for years having to beg for the "treatment" that is court ordered. Treatment that the provider says I do not qualify for because I am at such a low risk to re offend. Imprisonment that will last for more than a decade and is accompanied by emotional, mental, and psychological brutality. Brutality that is acceptable because its not visible.

I'd rather have scars, I'd rather everyone watch. I'd rather an expert bullwhip slash my back open 20 times and nearly bleed to death while going into shock than endure one more day of some militant, unionized, state employee be allowed to call me or someone else a retard for not tucking in my shirt or wearing a hat indoors.

Get involved in incarceration, demand transparency. 

With Love

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Why So Many Mission Statements Remain Unaccomplished: A Brief Explanation

I see a problem. It's in the Mission Statement of an organization. It is the purpose of their existence. But, does it actually get accomplished? If it never gets accomplished, who's fault is that? We could pin it on society, leadership, the "cause," money...but it really boils down to a missing step on the organizations part. 

I recently learned a term coined "helicoptering." Its where a leader takes their board and management team up high enough to see the big picture. As activists we get so wrapped up in this tiny lane of injustice that we forget about humanity, inclusion, socializing, and others self-interest. But, as leaders we must have the wherewithal to take our constituents to higher ground so they can see the totality of a situation.

When a Mission Statement only gets partially accomplished, its not a failure. It is only problematic because the longer a mission goes unaccomplished, the harder it becomes to keep constituents. Its a time to readjust, perhaps stay the course, or seek advice. 

For example: the LGBT community has a real problem. We have lesbians, gays, platinum gays, golden gays, silver gays, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, poly sexual, transgendered, gender non conforming, gender queer, gender fluid, queer, questioning...did I miss anyone? We are divided. We invent some new term to further divide, like platinum gay (whoever invented this ought to be ashamed of themselves) and this creates fissures that nobody understands how to navigate. Its like this in every community though. Every community has class ism and elitism. 

So here is my conclusion. Take a good hard look at your goals, which should be referenced in your Mission Statement, and then take you and your team to higher ground, do an environmental scan and identify the stakeholders you have forgotten about. Then include them in the process of planning, accept their different point of view, which is of high value, and reformulate a plan if necessary. But work, always seeking new information. That is the key folks.

I have lots of information and ideas for anti violence, victimization elimination, racism elimination, equality etc. I want to help...

Feel free to contact me at

Jeff Utnage 823469 D-610-2
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Or you can use the state approved email service, which you must sign up for, but, its way faster and ultimately the electronic stamps cost less than postage for both of us. I will reply to either though. You will need to add yourself to my contacts once your registered using my info:
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With Love

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

One Person A Day: A Challenge To All North American Occupants

Here's the challenge, in simple terms. There are 365 days in a year. Every day you must find a random person, someone you do NOT know and ask them about themselves, their culture, their views. Get to know them and then document in a vlog or journal your experience. 

1) You cannot correct their thoughts. This is about them, not you. You are getting to know them.
2) No judgments. If you don't know what judgment means, perhaps you should contact me. That reservation you feel right now as you think about it, that's called judgment.
3) They must be unknown to you
4) One person a day only. This is so you spend a full day thinking about them and what you have gained from them as a person. How have they enriched your life in that moment.
5) In your journal, blog, or vlog, you must name one thing specifically that you appreciate about that person.

That's the challenge. 

This started with me a few days ago, right here in prison. I spoke to an Ethiopian man who is almost entirely isolated. Its assumed he doesn't speak English because he's black, race plays a part as well. So in all my studious self righteousness and my fight for unity, I seen this man, sitting by himself. I learned the following:

1) Ethiopia has never been colonized
2) Class ism is severe in Ethiopia, either your rich or poor, no middle class
3) You must be Ethiopian to operate a business in Ethiopia, unless you become business partners
4) He believes that Americas best attribute is its a wonderful place to raise a child because of quality education, freedom of speech and thought, and relatively low violence in comparison to other countries. 
5) He believes Americas worst attribute is the unnamed, invisible separation of people. He said because we cannot and will not name what divides we will never get rid of it
6) Race is not cultural identity. Yeah...think about that. American is not a culture. Its a physical location. There once was a culture here, Indians, Natives. Our culture is derived from ancestry. Ancestry we should be proud of, not denouncing.

All of this wisdom from a man nobody speaks to, now I know why they aren't prepared for it.

I'll do my what I can to view your entries, but I am in prison so the updates will be by word of mouth unless you update me directly. When you post your findings, add the tag line "One person a day challenge" to the title so it can be searched.

With Love

Monday, December 18, 2017

Our Roles As Individuals Of This Country: Time To Rethink Tradition

I assume most Americans understand the concept of a government by the people for the people. I wonder how many people feel that their voices have been weighed in our countries decisions? It would seem we have elected dictators in four year increments. Just in case one dictator gets ousted, they have a worse option waiting in line.

So many people I talk to know that their vote matters. But those same people feel underrepresented, if at all. 

We as occupants of this land have a responsibility to ourselves and our children to take control of our lives again. We don't need to agree on everything. But surely we can agree that Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives and so on do not represent majorities actual views. The majority of our countries political representatives were born from upper middle class and upper class homes. They don't know what its like to watch their parents do drugs, or to live with strangers, or to attend a school that has the problem of poverty. How can they represent us? They can't.

So long as we have racial, sexuality, and religious divisions among us we ignore the class division that has grown since 1776. 

We are not powerless as citizens. The same tactics used in prison systems is the same tactics used by our government to maintain our submission and cooperation. A few violently patrol many and the most violent get feared. This has been used for thousands of years for the few, the elite, to maintain power and control over the masses.

We don't need to agree on everything. Just one thing. Just one topic. Just one issue. We unite over one issue and deconstruct the entities that benefit from it, then move on to the next issue we can agree on. 

Our politicians will learn to respect our needs or they will be removed and their careers will be destroyed. Because we have that power. We as citizens have that ability. We don't need to accuse sexual deviance's to get them out, we are the majority vote. 

Demand your rightful position as a occupant of this land. 

Just think about this. No action, no taking to the streets in foolish rage or anger. Share this and let it ruminate, have this conversation with your peers.

This isn't an immigration or anti government or anarchist propaganda (no opinion on them either way) this is propaganda to get you to think about your role in life, in your life. If the candidates available don't represent you, demand new ones or run yourself. I'd rather have a convicted felon who's been through trials and tribulations and overcome in office then some silver spooned, bleeding heart who's never known poverty or discrimination...

Think about it, I beg you.

With Love

Friday, December 15, 2017

You Can Change The World

When we get crazy ideas that involve massive change or world peace people love to shoot it down. I've even seen them get angry over it. Wanting to fight you until you agree that peace isn't possible, ironic.

We hear "you can't" and "that's not possible" so much. Well, its possible. Its the doubters and the nay sayer's who are the dreamers. They are the delusional ones. While we are changing the world they are burying their heads demanding we do it with them.

Its possible. You CAN do it. The world is malleable, it is ever changing and ever evolving. 

Visionaries are rarely encouraged by the masses until they accomplish their goal. 

So while the world says you can't, go ahead and do it anyway. There is at least one person who believes in you, me.
With Love

Thursday, December 14, 2017

How I Plan To Make A Difference: What A Little Education Has Done!

Higher education is so important to inmate change. I knew I wanted to make changes somehow. This site has served as a way for me to show a documented thought process. I have evolved in views, understanding, and opinions and continue to do so. A part of the evolution of anything is trial and error. I have tried many ideas out on social change and education has begun to show me a more pointed pathway to follow. 

I intend to end victimization and here is how I plan to do it:
1) I'm going to start a non profit business that builds a coalition of community organizations that are all working violence reduction tactics from different angles and for different demographics. 
2) As a coalition we will design a comprehensive action plan for each organization to accomplish their primary goal and objective. 
3) The organization will research, analyze, and template prior successful social movements so that we can use our history to see what worked to effect change and why, then use that intelligence to end violence, racism, and human-caused victimization.
4) Our primary objective is to end victimization globally. However, I intend to start locally and small to build reputation and confidence from my constituency. As we log success and effectiveness our social following will grow and, with it our ability to mobilize the community into specific action.
5) We will solve the problem of how to include outsiders and seemingly different groups in a cohesive unit working toward a goal.

If this sounds a little "kum-by-ya-ish" to you then you need to pay attention because this is not only possible, its already happening in our prison system. I have direct experience in uniting diverse groups of all mental capacities, backgrounds, intended outcomes, and inclusion aspects. I am good at reaching people on a one on one level and can teach others how to do it. I have drive, I I have the skills, and I have the plan.

What I need to accomplish this:

I need a board of directors that includes some financial backing, deep roots into our communities, able to locate funding, social media communications director

just to name a few. I need a primary Board with the intent of building an extended board and as we grow into other locations secondary boards with autonomous control in their districts. 

I need help designing this. I will be using a proven structure that operates globally, the Catholic church is a proven model for effective global management of an immense amount of locations and people. While we aren't creating a religion we are seeking a reputable global presence that includes the populace with direct motivating incentives towards a common goal. 

What I need right now is constituents. I need someone who can assist in the planning process and begin creating an online presence and following. Best case scenario, this (these) person(s) could take our plan and mobilize the org. using me as a consultant until I release and can serve on the board legally.

What you get:
First, you'd be doing something to help people. Ending violence and victimization is a worthy cause. This methodology is getting the right intelligence to the right people and providing a proven structure for them. As each objective gets accomplished we would then absorb them into our organization. The structure we have can easily support them as an integrated division. 

Together we can make history, design our future, and influence our government. Its not just necessary, its entirely possible. 

Believe in me enough to contact me.

Jeff Utnage 823469 D-610-2
P.O. Box 888
Monroe, WA 98272

state approved email service for inmates 
register and add yourself to my contacts using my name: Jeff Utnage and/or Inmate ID: 823469

email is cheaper for prolonged communication but, its up to you. I'll write or call or email or all three. Your choice. 


Monday, December 11, 2017

Why Making Room For Alternative Constituents In Your Movement Is Vital

This is about inclusion of the larger population in your cause. So often we find our niche and then look for only people that fit into that profile. Like bisexual men creating a movement and only seeking other bisexual men as constituents. The problem with this thinking is there is no input from those who need to change. 

For instance, staying with the bisexual theme, let's say the point is to get full recognition from medical providers that bisexual men are at higher risks for some medical problem. Let's assume that gay men aren't supportive of this for whatever reason. So, the movement has two distinct targets, medical providers and gay men.

If the idea is to get them to change their perspectives and you only have bisexual men in your network, how then can you understand the mindsets of the opposition? Assumptions will not go over well and will not be effective for the outcome. So you must not only listen to them, but you must include them. 

Whatever the movement is, inclusion of diverse people is necessary to win the support of neutral constituents and understand the mentality of the opposition. When you fully understand the reasoning behind their actions of thoughts, then your diverse constituency base will be most useful in strategy development.

I'm not saying that if your a person of color equality activist to go to a white nationalist and include them on your board of directors. What I mean is, if your a black activist seeking equality, you cannot rule out the inclusion of white people. This stands for any cause, feminist, LGBT, Natives, immigration reform etc. 

Factor in ways for supporters to help. Some folks want to be apart of your cause because they believe in it. But they don't have to be you.

With Love

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Is America Ready For The End Of Victimization? An Opinion by a Prisoner

Legal clerks, analysts, judges, attorneys, news anchors, reporters, crime drama TV producers (don't forget the actors, writers, technicians, and media companies), writers of most genres, prison guards, correctional administration, prison based "non profits" (quotations used because the wages, bonuses, and gratuities paid to the upper admins of such places, like Correctional Industries, are no doubt not aimed at helping rehabilitate inmates), prison material and equipment suppliers, security and surveillance companies, drug manufacturers, and could go on and on. Let's not forget the most important one though, stock holders of these companies in the prison industry who have created a demand for people to be numbered and held to line their filthy pockets.

All of these professions listed, and a fraction of the exhaustive list, are at least partially dependent on someone being victimized. Television shows like Law and Order, CSI, Killer Couples, Snapped, Gangland and the broadcast companies who air them all profit off of someone else's victimization. 

Violence has been become an economic commodity that America is unknowingly dependent on for financial stability. Think about what would happen if all forms of violence suddenly ended. It wouldn't take long before massive law enforcement layoffs began and then attorneys would be without jobs shortly after except for a few to do basic civil actions like contract and will advice etc. Where would all those other people work? Prisons would begin to shut down with massive layoffs, lives would be ruined as loans became burdensome and unemployment payouts would cripple the government. All this is just the surface impact. 

Then there is the financial impact on our Municipal, State, and Federal government. All of whom are 100% dependent on criminal fines. Without that vast revenue supply our Government would go bankrupt and what happens when politicians run out of money? 

This is not a round about way of saying America needs people to be victimized and inmates should be somehow appreciated. What I'm saying is Americans need to begin considering how to eliminate this dependency. Without the victimization of one another our government will increase "crimes" against the entity of the government to maintain that revenue stream they need to operate this countries current system. 

Our government is suppose to be doing the best thing to increase our quality of life, the right to pursue happiness, and freedom and equality for all persons regardless of birthplace, race, gender, religious practises, or income level. Instead of investing in low-income areas and supplying desperately needed quality higher and even basic education they allow the area to devolve through the constriction of commerce, industrial employment, and community organization funding. Its no secret that uneducated, oppressed, poor societies will have an extremely difficult time navigating the complex hierarchical social system of the educated, free, rich areas. 

How can you possibly expect someone who has never had long term interaction with successful businesses and educated communities to be able to follow that model? Its utterly absurd to be that blind to this reality. 

My goal is to end victimization globally. I have been called stupid, told "its not possible," "Your wasting everyone's time, you can't change people" "People are born bad" "People choose to hurt others, they had a choice to be better, look at other people who have made it from the same neighborhood"

I've even had my own doubts. Doubts which I must confront each and every morning. Like how can expect to change the world when I'm a convicted sex offender? How can I be taken seriously as a leader, advocate, and activist of change when my only credentials are societal black eyes and 30+ years of terrible actions and whole communities damaged by my selfishness? 

Change is completely possible. I know for a fact it is. Its not an opinion but un-contestable fact that change occurs. Why then do we maintain the ridiculous notion that we are not in control of most of the change that occurs. Tell that to civil rights leaders or this countries original occupants. 

We must demand the complete end to victimization with a unified voice. Actors and broadcast companies must refuse to participate in the creation and re-creation of someone being victimized. Stockholders of companies who support the prison industry must stop investing and in the enslavement of humans through "criminalization" and we as citizens must become apart of one another's lives so that we can supply help to where its needed and feel comfortable accepting it. Because we all help or you hurt. There is no neutrality here. If you stay in your bubble and mind your own, your hurting us all, including yourself. 

"America" may not be ready for victimlessness. But Americans are. Without people, there is no America. People are hearts, Governments are nothing without heart. 

Beat your heart America and change will happen.

By Jeff