Monday, January 30, 2017

Time Out

So it seems that the email system for the prison is having issues and I have not been able to get any emails from Jeff to post.

So while he is in time out (stupid mom humor) I guess I get to put my two cents worth in.....hmmm....what do I have to say...

Not much really, just that I hope you are all doing well, I hope that you are taking care of yourselves, I hope you have someone who loves you like I love my son, I hope you have someone to talk to. If you need help in any of these areas let me know. I am a mother and I need to love...can I love you to?

Have a great week, know that there are people you don't even know who pray for you, who loves you unconditionally, and who thinks about you even though I don't know YOU. But a mother has to love so bring it on.


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