Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Organized Spaces: Your Mind Is A Reflection Of Your Living Space

I used to have a really cluttered car. Soda bottles and extra pants on the floor board. Dirty dashboard and almost never washed it externally. It was just messy. My home wasn't much different. I took better care to be cleaner their but it was neglected to. Funny how my life's accomplishments were just as disorganized. 

In my home I had "junk" drawers and I lost items frequently because only a few things had its "place". Before you know it you have a whole household full of disorganization. 

Our minds are a reflection of our living spaces. If you living space is disorganized, so is your mind, generally speaking. 
I have a small space to live in. My whole life resides inside of a 10x15ft cell that has bunk beds. I am given a 16" x 20" metal desk with two shelves. On those shelves is all my belongings. Everything I own must fit somewhere in that space. 

When it gets cluttered, I get anxiety because it only gets cluttered when I get overwhelmed. A pattern I've noticed in myself. I may have lots and lots to do. I have a long to do list. My days are extremely busy. But I feel more confident in my ability to complete these often challenging tasks If the space that I have to work in is organized, ready for work and easy to access.

Get organized, one space at a time and let your space reflect your brain space. You'll feel better.

With Love
Jeff Utnage

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