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Here, we have an eclectic set of viewpoints and come from a variety of backgrounds but we all have one thing in common, we have used our prison time to rehabilitate ourselves and want the public to see what is possible in the incarcerated despite our prison system.

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I Tested Covid Punitive…   By Rory Andes On January 23rd I took a Covid PCR test and, because of the absolute mismanagement of the Covid response, I tested “Covid Punitive”. I had been going to work, taking rapid tests for almost 2 weeks without incident (including the time of

LED Headlights

11 years ago LED headlights were only a few vehicles and typically when a vehicle with LED headlights got behind me (and anyone else I knew then) I wasn’t very happy about it. In fact, the general feeling was that those with LED headlights were, well, not so nice people.

Watching Them Grow… By Rory Andes Growth and change aren’t mandated in prison, but it should be… There’s a strange thing about seeing anyone after a decade, but in prison, it’s far beyond just watching them grow. I recently ran into a kid, a man now, named Robbie who I

I wanted to share some recent photos of me just loving life. Me in a dress that I love with heeled boots I kinda love more. New Coach shoes with a new necklace pendant daring to wear yoga pants…in public! Raspberry topped cheesecake with pineapple graham cracker crust from 13 coins

If you were taken from this planet or over 10 years into space and then suddenly returned, what sort of changes do you think there would be? I wasn’t taken by aliens but I was in prison for over 10 years (may as well be the same thing, prison feels

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A friend of mine, someone I did time with, told me once that he wanted to go to the tallest building in Seattle and shout from the rooftop “I am success in the flesh!” That

Anyone who’s been incarcerated has either developed the habit of spitting their toothpaste into the toilet or has witnessed countless others do it. Before prison I never even thought of spitting toothpaste waste anywhere but

Normally I would do a ‘book review’ upon completion of a book but I do not feel qualified to do a review for a book that compels me to think as much as Camus’ work. I am currently floating with fuzzy happiness, deep gratitude and absolute appreciation for all the love and support with the campaign. Wow, what an honor to be involved in such a beautiful experience.

Some of Ruth’s friends have put together a go fund me page for Ruth, here is the link if you want to see what they have to say or if you would like to contribute